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Returning to normal following a catastrophic event is not, unfortunately, just a switch leadership can flip at the end of the day. True recovery can span from days to weeks to years. In those time periods, CTEH technical advisors and consultants can deploy tactics, resources, and software to get you across the finish line. From surge staffing process management in your rebuild or managing your requests for Federal aid, CTEH is in it with you for the long haul.



CTEH has a long history of supporting clients in emergency conditions: onshore, over water, or offshore; involving railroads, vessels, refineries, or pipelines; or assisting with natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. CTEH works with Federal and State government agencies and industries in addressing chemical hazards that may impact worker and/or public safety and the environment. CTEH experts have a solid reputation of providing sound solutions to complex problems faced by clients during incidents.

CTEH is built on a culture of readiness. For over 25 years, we have had a network of on-call teams of responders nationwide ready to support our clients whenever, wherever. Our Response and Crisis Management team members are always ready to bring this expertise to your company as well. Let our team help you build the plans and programs in advance of your worst days.


CTEH offers a wide portfolio of solutions to help your organization manage risks, respond to threats, and recover from disasters. Whether a problem is occurring now or has the potential to in your future, our environmental, health, and data science solutions will help you achieve better outcomes. 

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